Who's Carl?

I'm a user-centered designer, information architect, and presentation-layer developer from Austin, Tx who loves using technology to improve experiences and occasionally, people's lives. Want to know more? Send me an email sometime, I'd love to hear from you.

Why someguynamedCarl?

The name was inspired by a early group chat with my fellow SXSW06 panelists Garrett Dimon, Jason Santa Maria, Shaun Inman, and Eris Stassi. During this chat, we were to decide what site we'd redesign for our panel. Several options were discussed and Eris strongly favored one site in particular. She then proceeded to send us screengrabs of the prospective site to whet our collective appetites. After reviewing the first screengrab, I noticed something peculiar in the top-right corner. It was another chat window and she was discussing our panel. More specifically, she was listing the panelists. One of my only regrets regarding the whole SXSW06 panelist thing was not keeping this screengrab so I'm probably misquoting her. I found it. Apparently OS X's Mail keeps a dupliate of my attachments... So here it is (a portion of it anyway).
someguynamedCarl chat window

Within days, I had purchased the domain name and someguynamedcarl.com was born. Thank you Eris, for the inspiration and being a good sport about me running with it. I'll send you a t-shirt if I ever get around to making them. In the meantime, I made a desktop image in your honor.

The Details

I envisioned this site as a place for me to meddle, host my own personal projects, tinker with freelance work, and pull a few feeds I frequent more than I'd care to admit. I'll be adding my own content, photos, maybe even tutorials as fast as I can. I promise.

This site was designed by Michael McDaniel, a good friend and even better designer and built with transitional XHTML and CSS with some PHP sprinkled about to keep things fresh. As time goes on, I might even add a blog. I'll try not to get too crazy.